Saturday, September 22, 2012

NFL Sponsored Punt, Pass, Kick!!!

Today Aiden had the opportunity to participate in the NFL Sponsored Punt Pass Kick, ( ) competition. Our PTA did a community event for any boy or girl up to age 15 that wanted to participate. Aiden was very excited to be apart of this fun event. He has never really played with a football, so last night he and Adam spent about 20 minutes outside working on form. Aiden did all 3 events. He started with the punt, his first kick and he broke the record for any kid that day. Next he moved onto the Pass station. I can't remember what his distance was, but he threw nearly a perfect spiral! (FYI, he throws the football better than his dad :) Lastly, Aiden did the punt, again breaking the record for the day! Adam was beaming with pride, (as was I) listening to all the high school football boys talk about how amazing Aiden was. One of them yelled to their coach, "Meet your 2013 kicker!" There were over 70 kids that participated. Aiden won first place in his age group! He is really excited, and Adam and I are super proud!!

I wanted to point out, (because I'm SUPER proud)..... Aiden's total distance is further than the 1st place boy in the 10/11 age group!

Since he placed in the top 3 Aiden will move onto the next level of competition, with a chance to move onto nationals. We'll learn soon when and where the next level will take place. I'll be sure to keep you up to date.

Friday, September 07, 2012

First Day of School

This school year is not anything like the past. Of course the obvious changes, Ryann is now in the 5th grade, and little Aiden is in 2nd. A HUGE change is that Ryann is now being homeschooled by her mother. A big change in the Nabors' house is that Mommy is no longer working. Back in May my company decided that we did not need flex hours, which meant that not only would I not get to even see Aiden in the mornings, I also would be working later - and unable to pick him up from school in the afternoons. This was just not something I was going to be OK with. Adam and I talked about it, we prayed about it. We had our church pray about it. We decided that this change was just NOT going to work for our family. I worked until the Friday before school started, and now I'm a stay at home mommy again. I don't plan on this being a long term thing, I will be looking for a job that allows me to pick Aiden up from school, and be home with him in the evenings to help with homework, make dinner, get him to and from soccer practice, and most importantly spend quality time with him. I know I'm loving being home with him, and he also seems to love it. We ride our bikes to and from school everyday, and spend lots of quality time together! Here are some pictures of Aiden's first day of second grade!

2012 Meet the Teacher!

Aiden starts 2nd grade this year, YIKES! Meet the teacher was a big event for us. This year Aiden's on the other side of the school - you know the one with the "big" kids!
We were all very excited to meet Aiden's second grade teacehr, Mrs. Barriere.

Earlier this year I won circus tickets from work. Although we normally go to the circus, it sure was nice not to have to pay for the tickets! We all had a wonderful time!!

Courtney goes to Austin... PTA Convention

I had a wonderful time at PTA Convention this year! What a wonderful group of ladies I get to spend time with, while investing in Aiden's school!!

Ryann turns 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Ryann's 10th birthday with a family dinner at the Magic Time Machine. She had a wonderful time!

 magic potion

She got a diamond ring from Gamma and Papa, just what she asked for.

Something else she asked for......

an Ipod touch!

"Happy Birthday to you..........."

Sitting for her picture

Looks just like her!

Aiden wants to be a blue ninja...

Happy Happy birthday sweet girl!